Koos van Egmond for all your flowers. plants. sundries.

Flowers and plants from our own stock and directly from the grower. The fastest way to grow your business. We buy fresh every day, so our products are always top quality.

About us

What can we do for you?

You can shop in our extensive online shop. Our products are guaranteed to be fresh and always reasonably priced.

You decide how many times per week you would like to be supplied.

Freshness first: an impression

  • Our buyers go through the supply first, which is offered in the early morning through the 3 largest auctions in the Netherlands.
  • Then the purchased products come to us right in our company box, and are immediately scanned in and then distributed for our customers.
  • The flowers & plants are collected and readied for transport.
  • We monitor and check this route carefully, in an ergonomic and economical way and try to keep the transport costs as low as possible.
  • Let yourself be inspired by our high quality and selection that we can deliver directly to your business.
  • Even small quantities sold per 10 are a staple in our collection.
  • Large quantities of flowers and plants can be pre-ordered.
  • In the end you have daily fresh produce and a great selection of top quality!